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Sadie Bauman, FCIP, CRM

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  • The Broker Performance Group

    The Broker Performance Group™ is our response to the challenges that face brokers today. The Group helps good brokers become great, in four ways: performance measurement, sharing of best practices, accountability and coaching

  • The Next Broker Performance Groupô Meeting

    The next meeting of the Group will be held November 9-12, 2014, Toronto, Ontario


  • The Closed-Loop Strategic Planning Process™

    The Closed-Loop Strategic Planning Process™ has evolved over a 15 year period, through practical use with insurance brokers across Canada. The Process is hard work, but it's very straight forward, easy to follow and always produces results.

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  • Employee Engagement Surveys

    Employment Engagement Survey

    For insurance brokers, 60% of their expenses are people-related. We know that the more engaged your employees are, the better the performance of your brokerage. That's why we created our Employee Engagement Survey: to help you understand your current situation, and dramatically improve the engagement and performance of your employees. If you are interested in doing the survey for your brokerage, call us to set up an appointment.

  • 25 Alive Studies

    25 Alive

    Did you know that only about 25% of employed people in North America are actively engaged in their work? We call this The 25 Alive Problem. Two studies support this statistic, one from Gallup, and the other from Towers Perrin. Read The Gallup study here

    Read the Towers Perrin study here

    If you would like to address this problem, ask us about our Employee Engagement Survery, and our strategies for getting your employees more engaged in their work.